A Word from the Administration

Posted: October 30, 2010 by jkleiman in discussion

Once again, a word from the Adminstration:

The 2010 blog awards have come to an end, and yet again we’re left with a renewed sense that Canadians will lead the charge towards quality independent writing in the years to come.

The Canadian Blog Awards are always a friendly competition, but a number of us have noticed that there was a stronger sense of camaraderie this year than ever before.  This group is coming together, year by year, and in the decades to come will only grow in importance as a beacon of Canadian independence in a world where media and journalism are all too often shaped by the wrong people.

While the broader categories such as best blog (#1 #2 #3), best blog post (#1 #2 #3) and best collaborative blog (#1 #2 #3) often receive the most attention, we’ve had the opportunity to find new blogs (#1 #2 #3) in great niche categories, some of which are new to the Canadian Blog Awards such as best chronic illness blog (#1 #2 #3) and best feminism blog (#1 #2 #3).

We’ve seen blogs about art (#1 #2 #3),  music (#1 #2 #3), pop culture (#1 #2 #3), culture and literature (#1 #2 #3), humour (#1 #2 #3) and food (#1 #2 #3) that have changed the way we experience the world. Canadians have shared their views with us, whether professional (#1 #2 #3) or as personal (#1 #2 #3) as family life (#1 #2 #3), from religion (#1 #2 #3) and politics (#1 #2 #3) to sports (#1 #2 #3) and science and technology (#1 #2 #3).  Even the lawyers (#1 #2 #3) are getting involved. And let’s not forget about our Francophone friends (#1 #2 #3).
(nominees are listed here)

We also saw Slap Upside the Head grab a win for its 3rd year in a row in GBLT (#1 #2)!

My volunteer team dwindled quite heavily this year, and a lot of work fell on very few shoulders. I’d like to thank Omar Ha-Redeye and Garry Wise for their support and valuable feedback through the awards. As lawyers, there are many ways we can donate our time to benefit an organization or community that is important to us, and the Canadian blogosphere is a worthy group. I’d also like to thank Fern Hill for fighting vigilantly to return the Feminism category to the Blog Awards.

The Canadian blogosphere is still in its infancy, and the more we work to create a cohesive group, the more we will all benefit, readers and bloggers alike.

We’ve read your e-mails, and we have been working on giving the community what it needs. That is, we have decided to hold our first Canadian Blog Awards meet-up! There will be awards, presentations, snacks and more! Next year, there will be a proper decision making structure for the awards and for this community. Next year, there will be an org chart.
Contact me at topblogs.ca [@] gmail [.] com to be notified about details and to join the team.

Jonathan Kleiman

  1. Maybe I’m a geek, but I really like the idea of a meet up.

  2. Heather says:

    Me, too!

    Thanks for the blog award (and many thanks to the people who voted for me).

  3. The meet up does sound like a great idea!

  4. Kevin Chen says:

    how do i nominate for the 2011 award?

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  6. This is a great topic for canadian , from which they can get a great advice.
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  7. missx says:

    What happend with your meet-up?

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