Finalists and Winners 2007

( w – indicates an announced winner )


Best Blog
w – Yarn Harlot
Raymi The Minx
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob
Small Dead Animals

Best French-Language Blog
Brem Experience
Le Ciel Est Bleu
Le Blogue de Joseph Facal
w – Intellexuelle

Best New Blog
The Dinosty
WindsorEats FoodBlog
…Scale Down, Windsor
Uncorrected Proofs
w- Danielle Takacs: Galloping Around the Golden Horseshoe

Best Group Blog
Food Court Lunch
Canadian Deals Blog
w- DeSmogBlog
Peace, Order and Good Government, eh?

Best Blogosphere Citizen
Dave Hingsburger of Chewing The Fat
Julie Wilson of Seen Reading
Kevin Grandia of DeSmogBlog
w – Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta
Angella of Dutch Blitz

Best Blog Post Look at my boobs! I am very smart!
w- Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob: What’s the male of Feminism? The real reason I support the crack kit program Kindness Meters?
Slap Upside The Head: Town Council Misunderstands Gay Pride Flag

Best Blog Post Series
w- Live from Waterloo: Coming to Canada Foto Friday
Uncorrected Proofs: A Short History of the Labour Movement in Canada and Quebec
One Old Green Bus: One Dozen Canadian Heroes
Canadian Cynic: Keeping us up-to-date on The Surge


Best Political Blog
Small Dead Animals
Uncorrected Proofs
Angry in the Great White North
Calgary Grit

Best progressive Blog
Calgary Grit
Stageleft: Life On The [Lower] Left Side
We Move To Canada
Uncorrected Proofs

Best conservative Blog
Wudrick Blog
Catprint in the Mash
Joanne’s Journey
w- Small Dead Animals
Angry in the Great White North

Best Non-Partisan Blog
w – Nunc Scio
Slap Upside The Head
More Notes From Underground
Bow. James Bow.
Waking Up On Planet X


Best Personal Blog
Don Mills Diva
And She Knits Too!
w- Raymi the Minx
Schmutzie’s Milk Money or Not
Meg Fowler

Best Photo/Art Blog
Write About Here
Schmutzie’s Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come
w- Casi en Serio

Best Humour Blog
Schmutzie’s Milk Money or Not
w- Raymi The Minx
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob
Nag on the Lake

Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog
Juice: Entertainment News With Extra Pulp
Nag on the Lake
w – Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob
Food Court Lunch
Seen Reading

Best Business/Finance Blog (more than 5 blogs due to fifth place ties)
Canadian Silver Bug
w – Idea Drunk
My Name is Kate
Canadian Free Stuff
Major Persuasion

Best Religious Blog
Hell in a Handbasket
Jesus Drives an SUV
Bene Diction Blogs On
w – Jordon Cooper
Whatever He Says

Best Sports Blog
w – Pedersenmedia
The Dinosty
The Joy of Sox
James Mirtle
Hockey Capital

Best Activities Blog
The Genealogist
Maple Syrup and Poutine
w – Yarn Harlot
And she knits too!

Best Media/Celebrity Blog
w- Breakfast Television – Inside BT
James Mirtle
Michael Morrison
Rick Mercer
Juice: Entertainment News With Extra Pulp

Best Family Blog
The Genealogist. Digging Up the Family with a Keyboard.
w – Frog and Toad are Still Friends
Don Mills Diva
CityNews: Family Matters
Postcards from the Mothership

Best Local Blog
International Metropolis
Spacing Toronto
w – WindsorEats

Best Sci/Tech Blog
Internet Duct Tape
Eastern Blot
Climate Audit
w- Weighty Matters

Best GLBT Blog
Slap Upside the Head
Montreal Simon
w- Gay Persons of Color
Screw Bronze!

Best Podcaster/Vlogger (more than 5 blogs due to fifth place ties)
The Audio Circus
w- commandN
Inside PR
Dotto Tech
CBC Radio Three

Best Military Blog
What The F*&#!?!?
Military Mom at Home
The Cannon’s Mouth
w – The Torch
From a Canadian Cadet to an American Soldier

Best Education Blog
A Difference
The Crux-of-the-Matter
Remote Access
w- Michael’s English Usage
Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy

Best Activist Blog
Dawg’s Blawg
w- Chewing The Fat
Glenda Watson Hyatt: Do It Myself
Persephone’s Box
Big Blue Wave