All blogs written by persons living in Canada or by Canadian citizens living abroad are eligible for nomination. In the case of group blogs, the aforementioned persons must be significant contributors to the blog.

Organizers of the awards must abstain from making any judgment as to eligibility of other participants in only the categories they have also been nominated, or have nominated someone for.

In order to meet a category’s criteria, 50% of the blog’s postings must meet the requirements outlined in the list of categories below.

Any additional eligibility rules are explained at the top of each category. The CBA Operators have final say, and it is at their discretion to accept or reject any appeals.


Two rounds of voting will take place with each round lasting 7 days. The first round of voting will include all nominees. The second round of voting will narrow down the list of nominees in each category. The second round shall consist of the top ranking blogs from round 1.

Each person gets one vote for their favourite blog, in each category. In round 1, you can only vote once per blog. In the subsequent rounds you can vote once per day.

Hall of Fame

Any blog that wins a category three times shall be placed into a hall of fame to open up competition for subsequent years. The Hall of Fame will be implemented in 2010.