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Best Group Blog of 2007

Posted: February 7, 2008 by John Klein in results
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As selected by Canadian Blog Award voters, here are the rankings for:

Best Group Blog

Presenting the award is Graeme Stewart, who had a frog edited into his throat in the following video:

1. DeSmogBlog

best group

2. Canadian Deals Blog


3. Food Court Lunch


4. Peace, Order and Good Government, eh?

5. StageLeft



This is Food Court Lunch‘s first appearance in the Canadian Blog Awards. They made a gutsy (and foul mouthed) showing, and despite using kidnapping, extortion, murder, and bike destruction to sway voters, their strategy only earned 3rd place. Better luck next year dudes. They graciously(?) provided an acceptance speech for finishing in 3rd.

CBA Stats moment:

There were 389 votes in this category for Round 2.

Not a single Group blog in Round 2 finished in the same position as they held at the end of Round 1 voting. 282 votes were cast in Round 1.