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We’re opening up nominations for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards a little early this year, and we’re changing the format a bit.

In the past the biggest complaint has been that people somehow missed out on the nomination period. This year we’re extending the process, and we’re keeping all nominations in the comments below. You can help out by sharing the Awards on Facebook and by announcing the news however you can.

To nominate a blog for this year’s Awards simply leave a comment reply on this post. You must include the name of the blog and the link to the blog itself and the associated category (see below for a list). For example: “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog – – Best Law Blog.” Each blog only needs one nomination to qualify and there’s no benefit for multiple nominations.

Blogs that are nominated by multiple categories will be placed into up to 2 categories by management.

Nominations will close in September so keep an eye out for updates about voting. You can ask any questions in the comments or find me @TOBusinessLaw. Don’t forget to list your blog at

Good luck to all!

– Jonathan Kleiman (@TOBusinessLaw / Small Claims Court Lawyer)

The categories are as follows:

Best Blog about Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities
Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blog

Best Culture and Literature Blog

Best Family Blog
Best Feminism Blog
Best Food and Drink Blog
Best French Language Blog

Best GBLT Blog
Best Health Blog
Best Humour Blog
Best Law Blog

Best Music Blog
Best New Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Political Blog
Best Popular Culture Blog
Best Blog Post
Best Professional Life Blog

Best Religion and Philosophy Blog
Best Science and Technology Blog
Best Sports Blog