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The time has finally come for nominations for the 2010 Canadian Blog Awards. We’re all really excited to get moving, and to see what new blogs come out this year. Nominations will end October 9th, leaving us an entire month to make sure that everybody gets to nominate who they want. Every year in the past there have been a number of blogs who miss the boat, so let’s all do our best to spread the word and nominate worthy blogs.

Use this form to nominate your favourite Canadian blog.

Hats off to the law firm at which I work, Porco Levy Zavet LLP (PLZ Law) for encouraging me to volunteer my free time to run this competition, and for understanding why I decided to disqualify their law blog 😉 Check out their law news sharing website too.

If you have any questions or comments about the CBA’s, include them in the comments section of your nomination form. Remember, not everybody checks this page for updates, so remind your readers to nominate!

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Jonathan Kleiman