We’re Back!

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The Canadian Blog Awards are back and taking nominations!

Here’s the form. You know what to do:


The Nomination Period will end on October 15, 2013 so spread the word! You can nominate multiple blogs, and spamming won’t help because a blog only needs one nomination to enter the contest.

Good luck to all!

– Jonathan Kleiman, Small Claims Court Lawyer, Business Lawyer

Here you go, the long-awaited results for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards!

Congratulations to all of the winners! We will be back next year in October for a new round of nominations!

Yours truly,
Jonathan Kleiman, Toronto Business Lawyer and Small Claims Court Lawyer

P.S. Some of you have been thanking me for spending my time to manage these awards. I appreciate it. If you want to give back, please ‘like my page’ and +1 me and follow me on twitter!


Best Travel or Expat Blogs

My Sardinian Life – http://www.laavventura.wordpress.com
And the runner up by only THREE VOTES: The Local Traveler NS – http://thelocaltravelerns.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymaj

Best Science and Technology Blog

Get Connected – http://www.getconnectedmedia.com/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9g

Best Sports Blog

Straight from the Arse – http://www.straightfromthearse.wordpress.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9b

Best Blog Post

Dragon Edition Samsung – http://www.sync-blog.com/sync/2012/08/samsung-sends-canadian-a-free-one-of-a-kind-galaxy-s-iii-dragon-edition-smartphone.html
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymat

Best New Blog

Frugal Mom Eh – http://www.frugalmomeh.com/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9w

Best Personal Blog

Dave Hingsburger – http://davehingsburger.blogspot.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9t

Best Blog about Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities

Just a Smidgen – http://www.justasmidgen.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymaz

Best Culture and Literature Blog

Perogies and Goyza – http://www.perogiesandgyoza.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9y

Best Political Blog

Calgary Liberal – http://www.CalgaryLiberal.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9n

Best Family Blog

Mom vs The Boys – http://momvstheboys.com/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymad

Best Religion and Philosophy Blog

Whatever he Says – http://whateverhesays.blogspot.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9j

Best Popular Culture Blog

XOXO JES – http://www.xoxojes.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9l

Best Feminism Blog

Feminist Current – http://feministcurrent.com/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymab

Best GLBT Blog

Slap Upside the Head – http://www.slapupsidethehead.com/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3yma6

Best Food and Drink Blog

2nd Win this year! Just a Smidgen – http://www.justasmidgen.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3yma9

Best Humour Blog

Journeys of the Zoo – http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/
And the runner up by only TWO VOTES: I’m Mr. Fabulous – http://www.immrfabulous.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3yma1

Best Business or Professional Life Blog

Jerry by the Sea – http://oceandelightcottages.net/jerry-by-the-sea-2/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymap

Best Law Blog

Wise Law Blog – http://wiselaw.blogspot.ca/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3yma0

Best Health Blog

50Plus Single BBW – http://40plussinglebbw.blogspot.ca/
Stats: http://poll.fm/3yma2

Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blog

Doctor’s Wives Living – http://www.doctorswivesliving.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ymal

Best Music Blog

PeteHatesMusic – www.petehatesmusic.com
Stats: http://poll.fm/3ym9x

Call For Prizes

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The voting for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards Finals has closed

While I’m tallying the results, are there any businesses out there who want to give prizes to our runners up and/or winners?

This is a great way to get free promotion for your business and to support the Canadian blogger community! There’s no fee, but you have to offer something decent or I won’t post it. Let me know at jonathan [at] jkleiman [dot] com.

Whether or not I’m able to line up worthy prizes for this years awards, the results will be posted shortly. Stay tuned!

Jonathan Kleiman, Toronto Business Lawyer and Small Claims Court Lawyer

P.S. Some of you have been thanking me for spending my time to manage these awards. I appreciate it. If you want to give back, please ‘like my page’ and +1 me and follow me on twitter!

Final Voting in the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards

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Voting has begun for the FINAL ROUND of the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards


Each person is allowed to vote once in each category.  Spread the word about these great blogs and don’t forget to like us on Facebook! Voting will end on December 1, 2012. Good luck to everybody! If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter

Here’s your 2012 Nominee Badge!

Good luck!

– Jonathan Kleiman
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