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2012 Canadian Blog Awards, Round 1!

Posted: October 8, 2012 by jkleiman in voting

Voting has begun for the 2012 Canadian Blog Awards


As always, with Round 1 we will narrow down the contestants to the close competitors for the final round of voting to determine this year’s winners. Each category will wind up with 3 to 6 finalists depending on the size of the category and the closeness of the race. Voting for Round 1 will end on November 1, 2012.

Each person is allowed to vote once in each category. Spread the word about these great blogs and don’t forget to like us on Facebook! If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter!

Update: Here’s your 2012 Nominee Badge!

Good luck!

– Jonathan Kleiman /

2011 Nominees in Random Order

Posted: November 27, 2011 by jkleiman in voting

Here are all of the nominees so that you can check them out any time, and click straight to them (thanks to Sarah for the suggestion).

Now is our annual chance to show that Canadians do it better. Tweet this, Blog this, Share this, and spread the word about all of these great Canadian blogs! (and, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to VOTE!)

Best Blog about Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities

Fresh Bread –
FoodFootball and a Baby –
La Sculpteure –
Project: Priceless –
Born Electric –
Word Grrls –
ATP Insider –
L3 Lifestyle –
le blog de Pishier –
The Grumpy Goat Gallery –
Food. Music. Life –
Yarn Harlot –
Island Girl Art Studio –
lifeovereasy –
The Year Round Veggie Gardener –
Rambling Renovators –
Ali Does It Herself –

Best Blog Post

Have Baby Will Travel –
Praxis Theatre –
The Seated View –
Project: Priceless Wedding –
School for Thought –
Sync –
XOXO Jes –
Praxis Theatre –
Caraz Comment –
On Product Management –
Far Away –
Waggadventure –
Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome –
LakeatLarge –
Half Soled Boots –
Calling Shotgun –
Full Comment –

Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blog

InScribe Writers Online –
On Product Management –
ATP Insider –
amotherworld –
lifeovereasy –
masalamommas –
Sister Sage’s Musings –
NorthumberlandView –
Emeline and Annabelle –
Local Tourist Ottawa –
Ironing Board Collective –
Canadian Atheist –
The Little Red Umbrella –

Best Culture and Literature Blog

ATP Insider –
Papertrails Family Book Blog –
Praxis Theatre –
Calling Shotgun –
Caraz Comment –
Bruce Atchison’s Blog –
The Charlebois Post – Canada –
Steampuk Scholar –
Pickle Me This –
The Charlebois Post – Montreal –
Mike’s Bloggity Blog –
Dustbin Epitaph –
Screw Bronze –
Educhatter’s Blog –
The Literary Blog of Amanda Earl –

Best Personal Blog

The House & Other Arctic Music –
Straight from the Arse –
About Face –
Faces by Farah –
Country Living in a Cariboo Valley –
Bikini or Bust –
Enough to Keep You… –
Sleeping is for Losers –
Funnyface Beauty –
Chameleonic –
Serenity Snail –
A Lighter Shade of Grey –
The Inspired African –
Cheaper than Therapy –
Far Away – Travels with Autism –
As Ink Remains –
Feminist Christian Socialist –
Waggadventure –
Girl with the Cane –
Paul Lau –
Rolling Around in my Head –
Mama in the City –
The Koala Bear Writer –
Why Mother Eat Their Young –
Rich Chung –
Fab Brunette –
My Fight for Financial Freedom –
Bruce Atchison –
Caraz Comment –
Little Fashionisto –
The Girl with the Messy Hair –
Half Soled Boots –
EvilFlu –
Meli-Mello –
Viewpoint 2010 –
Cut the Chatter Red Two –
Life on the Muskoka River –
Screw Bronze –
Lottery Squirrel –

Best Family Blog

Pardon my Poppet –
Papertrails Family Book Blog –
Lifestyle –
The Aventures of Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan in Faro, Yukon –
Parent Club –
Feminist Christian Socialist –
Urban Mommies –
Creating Little Monsters –
Mommy Kat and Kids –
masalamommas –
Listen to Lena! –
School for Thought –
Rants ‘n’ Rascals –
Canadian Coupon Mom –
Amotherworld –
Cheaper Than Therapy –
Have Baby Will Trave –

Best Feminism Blog

Screw Bronze! –
Maggie Gordon’s Blog –
Womanist Musings –
Feminist Christian Blogger –
Unrepentant Old Hippie –
Morning Quickie –
Gritchik –
Gender Focus –
Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome –
Feminist Figure Girl –

Best Food and Drink Blog

私立平成草薙学園 –
Bakeaholic –
All Does It –
The Endless Meal –
Radiantly Raw Recipes –
Vancouver Foodster –
The Hungry Hobbit Foodie Blog –
Oh She Glows –
LifeOverEasy –
The Kitchen Magpie –
The Mindful Table –
Stout Man in a Bitter World –
Sincerely, Scratch xoxo –
As Ink Remains –
The Proof is in –
Dinner with Julie –
Well Fed Flat Broke –
Mmm… is for Mommy! –
EC’s Blog –
Best Mom on the Block –

Best French Language Blog

Le Blog de Pishier –
500khz –
Citizen Zoo –

Best GBLT Blog

Bi Married Mafia –
Really Deep Stuff –
Slap Upside the Head –
Alfred Lives Here –
Screw Bronze –
Gay Persons of Color –

Best Health Blog

Screw Bronze! –
Losing it in Ottawa –
Alfred Lives Here –
Bikini or Bust –
Sprouting Goodness –
Everything Comes from Now –

Best Humour Blog

Creating Little Monsters –
Mr. Fabulous –
Meet My Ugly Baby –
The O Dot –
Let Freedom Rain –
Cheaper Than Therapy –
Just Making Convo –
Coffee & Zombie Movies –
The Northern Star –
XOXO Jes –
Feminist Figure Girl –
Halls of Macadamia –

Best Law Blog

Halls of Macadamia –
Youth and Work –
Feminist Figure Girl –

Best Music Blog

This Place In A Zoo –
Indie Music Filter –
All Ears –
Under the Pink –

Best New Blog

The Dog Park –
Better Decorating Bible –
Keeping a Watchful Eye –
Canada Freebies Eh –
Waggadventure –
The Book of Daniel –
Food: Je t’Aimee –
Mommy Kat and Kids –
East Coast Mommy –
Mmm… is for Mommy! –
Creating Little Monsters –
Masala Mommas –
Conversations with Myself –
The Fighting Newfoundlander –
This Place is a Zoo –
GritChik –
Car-Free Vancouver –
Tawny. Just Tawny. –
Ol’ Roy Records –
Fresh Savings Canada –
Fashion Studio –
LifeOverEasy –
Binzento Vincente –
The Positive Power of Writing –
Fresh Bread –
Dustbin Epitaph –
Sprouting Goodness –
Imagine Wedding and Event Planning –
The Top 7 – thetop7.netThe Girl with the Messy Hair –
The Inspired African –
Roughing it in the Books –
Mr. Fabulous –
In The Spotlight –

Best Overall

Anti-Choice is Anti-Awsome –
School for Thought –
Chris Lake: Adventures in Calgary –
Projet Priceless –
alyveljidesigns –
On Product Management –
Bruce Atchison’s Blog –
Mmm… is for Mommy! –
Life Over Easy –
The Freelance Writing Blog –
Flying a Kite –
Hockey Mom in Canada –
The Sir Robert Bond Papers –
Educhatter’s Blog –
Kitchen Scraps –
Corner Brooker –
Mommy Kat and Kids –
Have Baby Will Travel –
Canadian Athiest –
Papertrails Family Book Blog –
It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time –
MindThis – MindThis.caKD Faustino –
ATP Insider –
Caraz Comment –
Rolling Around in my Head –
My Roadtrip to Awesome –
The Toque Girls –
Rod Pedersen –
HiSciFi –
XOXO Jes –
Cheaper Than Therapy –
Waggadventure –
As Ink Remains –
Gossip Fairley –
Kitty Lovett Cafe –
Work It Out –
Student Hubble –
Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu –
All Does It –
Dammit Janet –
Bikini or Bust –
Praxis Theatre –
Sync –
Screw Bronze –
Feminist Figure Girl –
Straight from the Arse –

Best Political Blog

Blazing Cat Fur –
Terahertz –
Alison at Creekside –
Dawg’s Blawg –
Calgary Liberal –
Compassion in Action –
Edwin Current –
Sir Robert Bong Papers –
Keeping a Watchful Eye –
Impolitical –
Pushed to the Left and Loving It –
Educhatter’s Blog –
Half Soled Boots –
GritChik –
The Fighting Newfoundlander –
Whimsley –
Caraz Comment –
Demarchy –
Progressive Proselytizing –

Best Popular Culture Blog

Life’s a Blog –
XOXO Jes –
Criticize This! –
All Ears –
ATP Insider –
Gossip Fairley –
Miss Manifesto –
Caraz Comment –
HiSciFi –

Best Religion and Philosophy Blog

Bene Diction Blogs on –
Canadian Athiest –
That Resource Site-
Whatever He Says –
Taste and see… –
Caraz Comment –
Feminist Christian Socialist –

Best Professional Life Blog

On Product Management –
Design Ergomania –
Faces by Farah –
Public Relations for Social Changes –
Your Workplace –

Best Science and Technology Blog

Sync –
Mark Evans Tech –
Jon Arnold’s Analyst 2.0 Blog –
Telecom Trends –
CMS Critic –
IPhone in Canada –
HiSciFi –

Best Sports Blog

Rod Pedersen –
Straight from the Arse –
Bikini or Bust –
5th Line Centre –
RotoRob –
Rider Prophet –
Hockey Rants –

Jonathan Kleiman – B2B Daily Deals


The Canadian blogosphere is vast and active… and a number of us have been working on a new project to help us connect and strengthen our community. It’s finally ready for us to play around with!

While the votes are underway, let’s all head over to the new Canadian Blogger Network. Think of it like our own private version of twitter for the Canadian Blogosphere, where we all can connect with one another and with our readers.

All old accounts and posts have been removed so If you helped me with beta testing, thanks, and, please sign up again.

Be one of the first to setup an account on the new network!


For this round, you can choose two blogs to vote for per section. The top 5 from each category will move on to the next round. For the categories that have under 5 entries, I’ve made it so that you can add a write-in.

Don’t just pick the only blog on the list that you read the most often. Take the time to look at all the blogs in a category, read a few posts, and make your decision carefully. Only the best should wear the crown(s).

Round 1 will end on October 17, 2010 at 12:00 noon.

The Polls are below. Please see the list below the polls to find the links to the actual blogs listed in the polls.

But First!

Since these awards tend to get thousands of hits per day at their peak, I decided to sell adspace to raise money for charity. Help raise money for Cancer research by buying adspace on the flyer-board below. Every penny collected will be immediately donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. These ads will remain at the top of the blog awards, in a sticky post, until the start of the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards in October, 2011. The cost is $20 per square. E-mail me at jkleiman [@] plzlaw [.] com to purchase an ad.

ads for charity


Brought to you by PLZ Law, Toronto business lawyers.

Round 1:

Start voting now. One vote per person for this round, please.

Best Blog Overall 2010
Best Blog Post 2010
Best Chronic Illness Blog 2010
Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blogs 2010
Best Creative Activities Blog (Art, Crafts, Cooking, Photography, etc)
Best Culture & Literature Blog 2010
Best Family Blog 2010
Best Food and Drink Blog 2010
Best French Language Blog 2010
Best GBLT Blog 2010
Best Health Blog 2010
Best Humour Blog 2010
Best Law Blog 2010
Best Music Blog 2010
Best New Blog 2010
Best Personal Blog 2010
Best Political Blog 2010
Best Popular Culture Blog 2010
Best Professional Life Blog 2010
Best Religion and Philosophy Blog 2010
Best Science and Technology Blog 2010
Poll: Best Sports Blog 2010

Here are the links to the actual blogs themselves:

Best Overall:
Don’t Bug Me!
Dan Pederson’s Blog
Loulou’s Views
Julie Laurin
Graceful Agony
Mommy Moment
Where did this all come from?
Rolling Around in my Head
Thoughts on Creativity
The Equivocator
Susan Delacourt on Politics
Yummy Mummy Club
Listen to Lena!
Allans’ Perspective
Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu
Diary of a Web Girl
Talon . . . barely scratching the surface
Mike’s Bloggity Blog
Nag on the Lake
Walking Turcot Yards
Aagaard Farms The Vine
The Review Crew
FunnyFace Beauty
Yarn Harlot
Capital Mom
Stay at Home Mayhem
One More Gadget
Country Living in a CaribouValley
Homeless Man Speaks
Unambiguously Ambidextrous
Living with Autism: A Parent’s Perspective
Sir Robert Bond Papers
Praxis Theatre
Blue Like You

Best Blog Post:
Arcade Fire and the Maturation of Digital Media — Thoughts on Creativity
The Equivocator: The Politicization of Canadian News
The Queer Behind the Mirror
The Gormley Files
Robyn Urback
Transmopolis – Wild Reports (1)
Transmopolis – Wild Reports (2)
Calgary Grit
Pundits’ Guide
Praxis Theatre

Chronic Illness:
Chronic Connection
Graceful Agony

Collaborative/Multi-Author Blogs:
North by East West
Apartment 613
Losing it in Ottawa
Kids in the Capital
In the Real World: Venus vs. Mars
MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada

Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities:
After the Harvest
Watawa life
Shoot First
Baker’s Balance
It’s all yoga, baby
indi girl
Aagaard Farms The Vine
Food for Tot
Living Laughing Breathing
This Too Will Pass
Walking With A Camera
Angella Dykstra Photography

Culture and Literature:
The Most Exquisite Moments
The Queer Behind the Mirror
Word of Mouse Books
Gender Focus
Robyn Urback
Go Nanaimo Blog
Society Pages
Shane Joseph’s Blog – Some of my Thoughts
Kingdom Poets
Dreams, Deliriums and Other Mind Talk
Brain Droppings
Margaret Atwood: Year Of The Flood
ATP Insider
Praxis Theatre

Dispatches from the Failed Mommies Club
Loulou’s Views
How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
Nattering Nic
Kids in the Capital
Where did all this come from?
Papertrails Family Book Blog
Half Soled Boots
Who’s Your Daddy
Listen to Lena!
Cheaper Than Therapy
Cdcb’s Blog
Why Mothers Eat Their Young
Food for Tot
My Life, My Glory
Shasher’s Life
Living with Autism: A Parent’s Perspective
Calgary Daddy
Mommy Moment
Rants n’ Rascals

Food and Drink:
After the Harvest

French Language (Francais):
Blazing Cat Fur
Vies de fous
La Boite a Males

Alfred Lives Here
The Queer Behind the Mirror
The Gay White North
Gay Persons of Color
Reflections on Majdanek
Gay in the City
Crooked Lunch
Driving Fast on Loose Gravel
Queer Two Cents

Graceful Agony
Dave Hingsburger

Why My Hair Dont Grow No More
How To Survive Life In The Suburbs
Sex Drugs & CT Scans
After the Harvest
Food Court Lunch
Allan’s Perspective
1001 Things To Bug You On Your Deathbed
My Road Trip To Awesome
Rant and Roar

Law Blogs:
Legal Frontiers
Michael Geist’s Blog

Ear Buds and Ticket Stubs

New Blogs:
Alfred Lives Here
Graceful Agony
Accustomed Chaos
Daily fromage
Meet My Ugly Baby
Jumbled Nous
Criticize This!
Canadian Blogger Girl
Devoted To The Lamb
Heart Felt Devotionals
FunnyFace Beauty
Filthy E-Mails (NSFW)
A Penny Saved
cats and cake
Mommy Moment

Sex in the Summer
Shane Alexander
A Canadian in Norway
A whole lot of soles
Abigail’s Road to Nowhere
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Bad Tempered Zombie
Better Now
Zeeshan Hamid’s Urban Village Blog
Unemployed and Changing My Life
Dutch Blitz
Adorkable Thespian
Graceful Agony
Under Grace and Over Coffee
Daily Fromage
Sweet Salty
Hope Bomb
Rolling Around In My Head
Cheaper Than Therapy
Allan’s Perspective
Meg in the city
Grande Skinny Latte
Little Juan on the Prairie
The Middle Ages
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
Gail Bowen’s Blog
Relections from the Shaman’s Hut
Life at Golden Grain Farm
The Toronto Pet Daily
Meanderings and Reflections
gin and tonic
The Other Side of Sixty
Rants n’ Rascals

Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
Dawg’s Blawg
Little Miss Brightside
The Equivocator
Five Feet of Fury
Blazing Cat Fur
Pop The Stack
Eye on a Crazy Planet
Calgary Politics
Pundits’ Guide to Canadian Federal Elections
Pulpit and Politics
People, Places, Issues
The Enlightened Savage
Sir Robert Bond Papers
Immigrant Children

Popular Culture:
Nag on the Lake
Toren Veda: the blog for humans
Haute Halifax
Criticize This!
La Carmina
Fanta.Sci Nation
Mike’s Bloggity Blog
ViewPoint 2010

Professional Life:
Hard Court Leadership Lessons
MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
The Rurban Fringe
Darker Ways Blues Tour
Daniel MacIvor’s Notebook
PCT in ACTion
Swag2.0 – Rightsleeve Marketing

Religion and Philosophy:
Canadian Atheist
Dan Pedersen’s Blog
I am Unique!
This Side of Sunday
Awakening Christianity
whatever he says
Kingdom Poets
Gentle Recovery
Holy Experience
Religious Right Alert
Sad Catholic 101

Science and Technology:
One More Gadget
MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
The Review Crew
Climate Audit

The Cheap Seats
The NBA Breakdown
Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer
Rider Prophet


Jonathan Kleiman (@TOBusinessLaw)

(Once again, I’d like to thank the Toronto Lawyers Porco Levy Zavet LLP for affording me the time to do this. Check out their law websites Accident Lawyer Toronto and Toronto Lawyers and Toronto law news and Lawyer Directory and Canada Immigration Lawyers and Law WIki and Articling Process)

A Frequently Wondered Question

Posted: December 6, 2009 by John Klein in discussion, results, voting


On Sat, 12/5/09
From: [CBA voter]:
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009, 5:50 PM

Just curious… how does your organization go about finding, then selecting the best Canadian blogs???

It seems to me, like Telefilm Canada, a lot of dregs are selected, and the others which are far more worthy (again like Telefilm Canada) are left out in the cold I’m just curious as to how some of these blogs are selected to be “the best” and by whom?


Short Delay in Start of Voting

Posted: November 29, 2009 by John Klein in voting

We’ll be shooting to get the voting up on time tonight, but at this moment I can’t confirm that will happen.

As you may know, the Grey Cup game is on today (and I’m a die-hard Riders fan) so I will be glued to the tube. And Northern BC Dipper who has primary access to our voting system forgot when we scheduled the voting start date that he’d be away for a convention this weekend. So it’s looking like voting will be ready early this week instead of today. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

CBA co-Operator

Can’t Get Enough of Canadian Blog Awards? – UPDATED

Posted: December 18, 2008 by John Klein in voting

The CBAs are done for another year, but the unaffiliated Best NWT Blogs are underway as of Wednesday, so you can head over there and check out more excellent Canadian blogs with a northern twist.

UPDATE: And the award winners are announced here.

A Word from the Administration

Posted: December 16, 2008 by jkleiman in discussion, voting
Tags: , ,

cba-beaverGood evening.

Canadian Blog Award participants take pride in our history as one of the world’s best blog award facilitators. During the past few years, blogs have emerged and disappeared, bloggers have come and gone, and the winners have changed.

Constant in every case, however, is the principle that Canada’s best blogs have always been chosen by the people. And following the light of this democratic tradition, Canadians have built one of the most awesome blog award contests the world has ever known – a contest of hope and opportunity that inspires others around the globe, and has drawn thousands of new readers to Canada’s blogs.

Before December 15, for the 5th time since the CBA’s creation, Canadians voted in a national contest. We are honoured that you have tolerated us as we blog this great country through the most difficult global economic crisis in many decades. Canada’s bloggers are writing about the crisis, right now.

Tons of great blogs have taken home first prize this year… and we have barely even announced half of the winners! Among the members of this Best Blogging cabinet are Synchro Blogue who won for Best French Language Blog; Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog went to Mike’s Blogitty Blog; Small Dead Animals laid claim to first in the Best Conservative Blog category; The Best Sports Blog was won by The Joy of Sox; Best Family Blog went to The Mabelhood; Yarn Harlot was the winner in the Best Activities Blog category; and Sync, the Tech and Gadgets blog beat out the competition in Best Sci/Tech Blog.

To make sure that everybody had a chance to vote, we consulted widely with Canadians, met with bloggers from various provinces and territories, and worked in collaboration with our voters and volunteers. We tried as hard as we could to get the word out so no blogs, bloggers or voters would be left out. Saskboy, deputy CBA leader, told everyone he knew; meaning dozens of people not counting Twitter and Facebook friends.

We are consulting with, and expect to hear more from, the “losing” blogs. We hope they come up with specific plans to raise their profiles and beat out the competition in the coming years – we have invited them to do so. In fact, they have already completely changed some of their content just to pander to voters. Unfortunately, even before the votes were announced, and only one day after the votes were tallied, a group wants to overturn the results of that competition.

Instead of the traditional way to select a winner – most votes wins, of course – this group proposes a new coalition of losing blogs in order to usurp the position of the rightful winner. Let me be very clear: The Canadian Blog Awards cannot enter into a vote-circumventing coalition with a “losing” top five blog.

At a time of questionable content on the internet, The Canadian Blog Awards must stand unequivocally for upholding the decision of the voters. At a time like this, a coalition with the vote-circumventers cannot help the CBAs. And the coalition does not have the right to impose their will: it’s not their contest!

The coalition is attempting to impose this deal without your say, without your consent, and without your vote. This is no time for backroom deals with the separatists; it is the time for the CBA to focus on the next set of winners. This is a pivotal moment in our history.

We Canadians are the inheritors of a great legacy, and it is our duty to strengthen and protect it for the generations of bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers still to come. This afternoon, I pledge to you that the Canadian Blog Awards will use every legal means at our disposal to protect our competition, to protect our bloggers, and to protect your votes.

Jonathan Kleiman
Canadian Blog Awards MP (Maker of Posts)

Disclaimer: We copied a little from here.