The Polls, and Clarification

Posted: December 26, 2011 by jkleiman in Uncategorized

Here are the polls for the final round, to save you from having to scroll down so far (thanks Dave). Voting ends January 20, 2012.

You can only vote once this year, which will save everybody lots of time and will make your one vote really mean something. It’s easy to share the polls individually, or they can be embedded right onto your blog. You’ll find info on the poll’s page itself.

Please ‘like’ the Canadian Blog Awards on Facebook for updates and to help spread the word.

And … can’t forget the sponsor – ‘Like’ on Facebook to win Free Starbucks Coffees for the Entire 2012 Work Year!
(Note:‘s donation to these awards is my time, and lots of it. Nobody makes money from these awards).

The Polls:

Best Overall

Best Science and Technology Blog

Best Sports Blog

Best Blog Post

Best New Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Blog about Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities

Best Culture and Literature Blog

Best Political Blog

Best Family Blog

Best Religion and Philosophy Blog

Best Popular Culture Blog

Best Feminism Blog

Best GBLT Blog

Best Food and Drink Blog

Best Humour Blog

Best Professional Life Blog

Best Law Blog

Best Health Blog

Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blog

Best Music Blog

Best French Language Blog

  1. Danger K says:

    When does voting close?

  2. jkleiman says:

    Voting ends January 20, 2012
    Good luck to all

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