Winners 2009: Overall Category

Posted: December 21, 2009 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

Here are the winners and finalists for the Overall Category for 2009.
1: Mike’s Bloggity Blog
2: Crib Chronicles
3: InformedVote

4: Small Dead Animals
5: Giant Killer Squid
6: The Torch
7: Yarn Harlot
9: daveberta
10: The Ashcan

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  1. […] anyone who isn’t nominated for one. According to the polls, Mike’s Bloggity Blog is the #1 Best Overall Blog in Canada. Hang your heads in shame, […]

  2. Ryan Squid says:

    I’m not going to point fingers or mud-sling or poo-poo the winners or this or that… but it’s painfully apparent that these awards and the system in place to give these awards, are laughably flawed.

    I get the “friendly competition” aspect. I get the whole “spam your friends on a daily basis” aspect. But you know what? That’s lame. If you want to be legitimate at all, put a single-round, single-vote system in place, or have a panel of judges to be objective with the content and the blog itself. This is a popularity contest, and not a pretty one. I may as well make a badge for #1 Best Blog on Earth and throw that up.

    Believe me, I’m not a sore loser nor am I bitter, at all. I’m honored by the support that my many readers and friends showed to my site over the last couple weeks. I also think that on paper what you’re doing is great. It encourages local blogs, throws some traffic around, etc. But c’mon, there has got to be some checks and balances if we are to give one iota of a care as to who the winners are.

    Just how are you celebrating the BEST in the Canadian Blogosphere?

    I’d be happy to lend my thoughts in crafting a more legitimate blog awards for next year, and I do pass on my best to all of those who entered, were nominated, who won, and anyone who runs a blog.

  3. ryan says:

    Just cause you say you aren’t a sore loser, doesn’t not make you one.

    If movie studios can campaign for their Oscars, blogs should be no different!

  4. Ryan Squid says:

    Oh trust me, I’m not a sore loser at all. I offered a brutally honest opinion, with some constructive criticism. I even offered to help out next year and make the awards more legit.

    And I fail to see your anaolgy involving the Oscars. If anything you’ve reiterated my point; the Oscars are judged by an academy with strict voting rules and criteria. Your comparison would only make sense if the actual nominations were made, not winners, via count of votes.

  5. The Nag says:

    Last year I was knocked down to third place by a fly by night political blog that was nominated in the wrong category. This year I thought the old rules applied and found out only at the last minute that daily voting was now allowed. If I’d paid closer attention I would have had a clear second place win rather than a tie. However nothing I did would have knocked off Bloggity Mike. I suspect he has hired workers in a third world sweat shop to click the Vote For Mike button daily. In return he has promised not to beat them. I wish I’d thought of that!

  6. Dolly Mountjoy says:

    I think “laughably flawed” is a pretty accurate observation, sore losers or not.

  7. I won ***TWO*** awards and I totally agree that it’s time to add an objective component to the awards. I guess that makes me a sore double winner.
    The ability to “get the vote out” is one measure – and not one without worth – but it really needs to be balanced with some kind of judging if we ever want these awards to be legitimate (and I think that we should want the awards to be legitimate). This isn’t 2002 anymore. Blogging has evolved from the clique-ie world of then to take a place as an independent and legitimate medium of communication/journalism. I think an award system that recognizes that and aims to reward those that are out there producing quality would be a worthwhile ting to do. I’d be happy to assist in making it happen.

  8. zoom says:

    I agree. We need a more accurate way of measuring quality, because this obviously isn’t it. If the organizers genuinely want a respectable Canadian Blog Awards (and I believe they do) they’re going to have to be open to change.

  9. squizz says:

    You won, Rollins! You can stop being mad at me for my facebook campaign!

  10. Jess Bennett says:

    Are you going to design badges for the winners from categories other than best overall?


  11. saskboy says:

    Yes, they just haven’t been posted yet, sorry for that.

  12. […] heard of Mike’s Bloggity Blog? But it won best overall blog in this year’s Canadian Blog Awards! (Though, to give you an idea of what these awards are all about, I won second place in the sports […]

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