Finalist and Winners ’09

Posted: December 21, 2009 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

The overall finalist and winners list for 2009  can be found here.

  1. Mad says:

    Soon the world will bow down in terror of my (second-place) blog post domination! Bwahahahaha!

    Seriously, running these awards was a lot of work. Thanks to everyone who took it on, especially at such a busy time of the year. I am deepy grateful and tickled pink … in addition to being a maniacal blog post super-villian.

  2. Northern BC Dipper says:

    Badges will be posted as they are completed.

  3. bill says:

    Now, if you knew you were going to be working on these blog awards, because you’d volunteered to do it, wouldn’t you start preparing the badges some time before the voting was already over?

    I know everyone is going to fall all over themselves thanking you for doing it at all, but I’d actually rather have seen you do it well.

  4. fawnahareo says:

    Yeah, really, people. I mean, it’s not like the rest of your lives, like, offline stuff, is important or whatever. You should have got everything ready first and done the 2009 blog awards in 2010 instead.


    (Thanks, you guys.)

  5. saskboy says:

    Thanks for the input Bill. Good of you to volunteer.

  6. The Nag says:

    My friend felt sorry for me and made me a counterfeit badge. He got the category name wrong but it’s better than nothing.

  7. robin says:

    Never mind, I made my own.

  8. robin says:

    Want a badge? Can’t wait? If you track down last year’s and send it to me, I’ll change the year for you. No charge.

  9. So, not to sound impatient or anything, but is there an estimation on when badges for Political Blog and/or Religion/Philosophy Blog will be ready?


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