Round 2 Ready

Posted: December 13, 2009 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

Round 2 is up for voting.

Round 2 last until December 19, 2009.

  1. Brian says:

    Good job! Round already up for voting.

    I wonder if now that you’ve got a reasonable number of blogs on the ballots if you can provide links to them – starting with Culture and Literature, of course.

    And then maybe the Crafts and Cooking ballot. I mean granted, Yarn Harlot is the queen of knitting blogs – but who’s going to vote for knitting once they get a glimpse of a brilliant cooking and memoirs blog like Eat Planet?

  2. Angella says:

    Thanks for doing all of this!

    I’m honored to be in the top 10 for personal…but the poll says that the deadline has passed. Is there a glitch in the system? 🙂

  3. zoom says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Brian, except I think you should start with the Best Personal and Best Blog Post categories.

  4. daveberta says:

    Congrats to everyone who made it to the second rounds of voting!

  5. Northern BC Dipper says:

    The glitch preventing people from voting in the round 2 personal poll has been fixed.

  6. mike says:

    This is awesome. Q: Are people going to be allowed to vote more than once for the second round two? I found that really stressful! One vote/per round would be awesome possum!

  7. Northern BC Dipper says:

    People can vote once a day per each category.

    I’m afraid that is the most infrequent we can make it with the polling service. I prefer one vote per round myself.

    The Rules section has been updated to reflect this change.

  8. Tim says:

    Thanks for taking the time to organize this – its fun to be involved!

    If its possible to fix, there are glitches in the links to two of the sites in the Science and Technology category:

    Elfshot: Sticks and Stones
    Scientific Chick

  9. Tamir Birk says:

    In the Overall category, the link to InformedVote is incorrect. It should just be

  10. davideaves says:

    Quick question: I’m a little confused about who made it into round two. Was just looking at the results and notice there are finishers in the top 10 that didn’t advance (Zeeshan Hamid’s Blog, City Holler and my own, Is this page dynamic and still counting votes, so we didn’t reach the threshold at the end date? Or were we disqualified for some reason? (Also noticed that I had the same number of votes as Unambiguously Ambidextrous and that they made the second round while I didn’t).

    Anyway, not a big deal, pretty sure there’s a good reason for this but did want to inquire.

    Dave Eaves

  11. Northern BC Dipper says:

    The Round 1 polls are now static and are no longer receiving any votes.

    In regards to how people made it to Round 2, you must remember that we are using a ranked ballot. Therefore those blogs that receive the least amount of votes have their votes transferred to their 2nd or 3rd or whateverth choices. This explains the process better than I could.

    What you linked to was the initial results, not the final results. Here’s the point where was knocked off. Here’s the table if you want a overall view.

  12. davideaves says:

    Ah – that is super helpful – thank you Northern BC Dipper. Thank you!

  13. Michael says:

    Hi CBA Organizers,

    The link to Praxis Theatre is not correct in the Culture and Literature category. Right now it just takes you to a “Page not found” which I worry is hurting our chances a little bit.

    It should be:

    Thanks for your help.

  14. Saskboy says:

    Hi Michael,
    Sorry for the mistake, we’ll fix it as soon as NBCD sees my email to him about it.

  15. Michael says:

    Thanks. It was fixed quite quickly.

  16. Jim Carr says:

    Hello Admin, and first let me say thanks for all you hard work setting up these awards. I just wanted to point out a possible problem with the voting system, and lack of links on the nomination page. Someone with many first place votes, and NO second, third or any other votes, will never make it past the subsequent rounds of elimination. It is too bad that so many great nominations were cut because voters could not find them to read and subsequently compare with one another. For now, I can be happy with the fact that I at least was in the top ten for the first couple of passes. All the best to the other GREAT blogs!

  17. Dolly Mountjoy says:

    So voting ended as of 12:01 am this morning? I would have figured the polls were open till midnight, but they’re closed.

  18. Round 1 was like that as well Dolly.

  19. Dolly Mountjoy says:

    I didn’t notice. Bonk!

  20. zoom says:

    Am I the only one who needs help interpreting the results?

  21. The organizers haven’t posted “official” results yet, but I know that the religion and philosophy category winner was “The Bible Journey” ( and the politics category winner was “StrictlyRight” (

  22. robin says:

    The Personal Blog category seems to be a 3-way tie for first. Is that how others read it?

  23. Wills polls having closed over 36 hours ago I wonder why an “official” post with winners hasn’t been made!

  24. saskboy says:

    Andrew, I’m not sure why, but odds are those working the polls this year will get to it. Sorry for the delay.

  25. The results are about as clear as mud. My reading is that once a blog goes past the threshold to win its votes are then redistributed to the others until a second and third place finisher are declared (the last place blog is also eliminated, with its votes redistributed).

    For some reason they then continue to redistribute votes until the three winners are tied (how very Canadian…).

    I’m not sure how this is better system than a simple first past the post system, but, hey, they aren’t my awards (and before anyone accuses me of being a bitter, sore loser I appear to have won two categories).

  26. Tim says:

    I think the system worked well for picking 3, 5, or 10 finalists, but it doesn’t seem designed to rank the candidates within each short list. In some cases its obvious how the 3 finalists rank, but in others it takes a little bit more manual interpretation of the results by the judges.

    The voting system was just asked to produce the top 3 in each category, which it did. It wasn’t asked to rank them.

  27. Tamir Birk says:

    It’s been 2 days since the voting ended. Why has an official post not been made, or anything of that sort!?

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