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Posted: December 6, 2009 by John Klein in discussion, results, voting


On Sat, 12/5/09
From: [CBA voter]:
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009, 5:50 PM

Just curious… how does your organization go about finding, then selecting the best Canadian blogs???

It seems to me, like Telefilm Canada, a lot of dregs are selected, and the others which are far more worthy (again like Telefilm Canada) are left out in the cold I’m just curious as to how some of these blogs are selected to be “the best” and by whom?



The Canadian Blog Awards are a friendly competition among Canadian bloggers and readers, who nominate their favourite Canadian blogs, and then vote for their favourites. The CBA judges simply determine if the nominated blogs qualify for their nominated categories, and we leave it up to voters to determine their favourites.

Quality is not always determined by the voters, but comparative popularity is. My favourite result of the CBAs is looking through who was nominated, to increase my blog reading list and find out what has people buzzing.

Thanks for your question,

Another email from a CBA fan:

As we did this year, BlogsCanada.ca will devote a special page next year to the winners of the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards.

As a strictly Canadian publication and aggregator, it it is our pleasure to feature live feeds from the winners and finalists of the awards, and I hope the publicity helps raise awareness of the contest.

Keep up the good work!

Allan W Janssen

  1. Megan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, Saskboy. Other blogs suck, and mine is awesome. If I wasn’t nominated, obviously there is a problem with your contest. Got it???

  2. Gabriel says:

    Wait a second, Megan. I was going to say that! 🙂

  3. Personally, I’m hoping my blog is among the “dregs” that slip through any of the quality control filters.

  4. Tamir Birk says:

    Are the 2009 Canadian Blog Award logos available to post onto our websites? I remember last year logos were made.

  5. saskboy says:

    Nothing available so far Tamir, I haven’t had time and no one else has volunteered yet.

  6. Tamir Birk says:

    I’d volunteer but I have no idea how to do any of that design stuff. Hopefully something is made soon!

  7. Gabriel says:

    Well, have I won already? 🙂

    And more importantly… Saskboy, will you need a hand? I’ve been offering to help for a while now…

  8. saskboy says:

    Gabriel, I’d thought I was emailing you CBA stuff, but it was another Gabriel, believe it or not, who volunteered too! You’re now added, I’ll send the graphics your way to work some magic.

  9. Tamir Birk says:

    When will round 2 of the voting begin?

  10. Northern BC Dipper says:

    Round 2 of the voting has begun now.

  11. My God??? I’m the only Blogger in Canada twice arrested by the Police!!!

    I never made the list!!



  12. Awesome awards! Great to find some new fellow canadian bloggers to add to my reading list. Thanks!

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