CBA 2009 Timetable

Posted: October 16, 2009 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

As Autumn creeps up on Canadians, there are more bloggers asking if the CBAs will be running soon.

The answer is yes!

The Canadian Blog Awards 2009 will be arriving in October 2009, so hang onto your hats and we’ll get more details to you before this month is over.

You can contact us if you’d like to volunteer to organize and run the CBAs this year. Leaving a comment here is fine too.

We’re not taking nominations yet, that should begin on October 25th.

Nomination Period: October 25 – November 21
First Round: November 29 – December 5
Second Round: December 6 – December 12

  1. Gabriel says:

    Looking forward to it. As I said before, count me in for whatever you need….

  2. saskboy says:

    Glad to have you aboard Gabriel!

    If anyone has contact in the francophone blogosphere, it’d be great if we had more volunteers and participant blogs from that Canadian blogging community as well.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Am I still needed, Saskboy? 🙂

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