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Posted: December 17, 2008 by Adrian MacNair in results
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As selected by Canadian Blog Award voters, here are the rankings for:

Best Blog Post

Presenting the award is The Useless Wonder of Useless Advice from Useless Men:

1. Mike’s Bloggity Blog: The Comb-Over Revolution with 162 votes (38.48%)


2. Slap Upside The Head: Hiding From Homophobia Is Not An Option with 114 votes (27.08%)


3. Calgary Grit: Rebuilding the Big Red Machine with 82 votes (19.48%)


4. Buckdog: Green Party Staffer Apologizes To Blogger with 46 votes (10.93%)

5. Cherniak On Politics: Cherniak Off Politics with 17 votes (4.04%)

Total votes: 421

  1. […] page from Jon Swift’s blog book, and open up nominations for the best blog post of 2008. Yes, Mike won the CBA, but you (or your favourite blogger) could win the first annual Abandoned Stuff Super Post Of The […]

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