Round One Voting Begins

Posted: November 23, 2008 by D. Collier in voting

Nomination is over and the actual voting begins.

Round 1 goes from today to November 29th. (Polls close during the middle of November 29th, to give CBA staff time to set up polls for the Final Round of voting.)

Remember you only get one vote in the week, per category.

Don’t forget to vote!

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CBA 2008 Nominee button

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Canadian Blog Awards

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  1. saskboy says:

    Best Feminist Blog voting will open later. We’re taking care to get the judging done independent from the CBA Operators, and the list was not delivered last night to us to open voting in that category yet.

  2. balbulican says:

    I sympathize: I watched the infantile attempt by our URQ friends to swamp the category. You’re gonna get crucified whatever you do on this one, so might as well do the right thing, my son.

  3. […] round of voting is now in progress at the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards (with one notable category exception – see here for that. It seems those unhappy that this category was even there to begin with tried […]

  4. deBeauxOs says:

    I left this comment at Scott’s DiaTribes that may serve to illustrate why some of the nominations to the category were inappropriate.

    Let’s say for the purpose of drawing a comparison, that there was a Canadian Blog Award category for bloggers who are business people living in rural areas and who make a livelihood from raising, breeding and showing prize animals.

    How would the blogger/owner of Small Dead Animals – legitimately nominated to this category – feel about the nomination of a vegan, animal rights activist who does not blog about that specific field of activity except to ridicule, castigate, vilify, and claim that dog breeders are no better than puppy mill operators.

    I would imagine that she, and others nominated to that category would feel justifiably affronted if the judges retained that particular inappropriate nomination.

  5. Scott Tribe says:

    Can the judge be revealed who it is? So that they’re accountable for whatever decision he/she comes up with?

  6. saskboy says:

    Possibly Scott, I haven’t decided yet. I can say that the judge we picked has a background in Women’s Studies, so should understand what feminism is.

    I would also understand if the judge decides to remain anonymous, because I can’t imagine both factions being simultaneously satisfied and respectful whatever the outcome.

  7. L-girl says:

    Any chance of getting badges with “finalist” in addition to “nominee”?

    Thanks for all your work to make this happen.

  8. Meg says:

    Did you guys just decide to let it ride?:)

  9. Mark Ottawa says:

    Ah, the industrious L-Girl. Do read this comment thread to learn about that great Canadian (and American) ideal, freedom of speech.


  10. saskboy says:

    L-girl, feel free to modify and share such a button.

  11. Mark says:

    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but the “round one” form for the best photo/art blog is still active. (The round two form is there too, but I think the round one form should have vanished by now…)

  12. saskboy says:

    I think NBCD may have missed some options, so we’ll wait for him to tidy things up.

  13. Hi, Saskboy and the CDNBA team, the disability category still won’t accept votes on round two if you’ve voted in round one. Can you advise me on this, thanks. Dave who thinks it funny that the disability category is kind of wonky.

  14. L-girl says:

    “L-girl, feel free to modify and share such a button.”

    I wish I could. Alas, I haven’t the skills to do so. When it comes to graphics, I can only steal and borrow, I can’t create.

    I thought you might have one hanging around from last year. Oh well!

  15. fragileheart says:

    Awh boo. Was waaaaay too busy to check back that I completely missed round 1 and didn’t get to pimp it out on my blog.

    An email notification to all contestants would have been nice.

  16. saskboy says:

    Sorry fragileheart, we don’t have that kind of man-power, nor email addresses on standby.

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