The CBA Process

Posted: November 7, 2008 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

There have been a few questions how the CBAs work, so here’s an overview of the process.

  1. Blogs are nominated in each category. We only want the Blog Name and URL, no comments or seconds
  2. At the end of the nomination, we will have a “judge” assigned to each category to determine if the nominated blog fits into that category.
    Sometimes, blogs are nominated in the wrong category; for example, we had a serious political blogger nominated into the humour category last year.

    The rules say: “In order to meet a category’s criteria, 50% of the blog’s postings must meet the requirements outlined in the list of categories below.”

  3. The nominated blogs are then entered into a poll. The first round begins.
  4. The five top vote getting blogs of the first round carry on to the final round.
  5. The top vote getter of the final round wins the category
  1. saskboy says:

    So far I’m seeing a lot of new blogs this year which is great. With the new attention also comes a few bumps, as there have been some people abusing the open comment policy with “seconded” nominations that waste time for the judges who have to slog through duplicates. So long as people take care, search the category for the blog they are nominating, the CBAs will go smoothly and be loads of fun for everyone (even those volunteering time to operate them).

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