The Next Round

Posted: September 21, 2008 by John Klein in Uncategorized
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As Autumn creeps up on Canadians, there are more bloggers asking if the CBAs will be running soon.
The answer is yes!

The Canadian Blog Awards 2008 will be arriving in November 2008, so hang onto your hats and we’ll get more details to you before that month is over.

You can contact NBCDipper, DaniGirl, or me (Saskboy) if you’d like to volunteer to organize and run the CBAs this year. Leaving a comment here is fine too.

We’re not taking nominations yet, we’ll let you know when.

  1. […] Once again this year, I’ve volunteered to help organize and run the Canadian Blog Awards, along with Saskboy and NBCDipper. We’ll be taking nominations starting in the next month or so, but we need a few extra hands to help out with jobs big and small. If you’d like to get involved, drop me an e-mail (danicanada at gmail dot com) or leave a comment here or at the CBA site. […]

  2. Danielle says:

    Would you ever consider doing a category for Best Food Blog? There are some amazing sites out there.

    (Yes this is mildly self serving)

  3. Saskboy says:

    Actually, I think it may be on the list to consider for inclusion. The overriding concern I have (as one of the lead volunteers) is that any additional categories ads more work, and we aren’t terribly automated yet, so having even more categories than last year is almost unmanageable.

  4. I am interested in helping with the blog awards. I am a 3rd year law student at Queens University and I run

  5. saskboy says:

    We’re still accepting offers from prospective judges, and suggestions for category changes. We can’t promise everyone will get the category title they are seeking, but every Canadian’s blog will have a place it can compete in.

  6. Mike says:

    Please visit Nova Scotia based blog

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