Round 1 and 2 general totals

Posted: February 9, 2008 by John Klein in discussion, results
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We’ll be putting the list of all nominated blogs back up (eventually). In the mean time here are Round 1 and Round 2 voting totals. Specific totals can be requested only by the blog that earned the votes.

CBA 2007

(Saskboy will be working on getting you those numbers by email, and is sorry for the delay, but he’s taking things easy this weekend.)

Poll Name Round 1 Round 2
Best Activist Blog: Round 1 191 263
Best Activities Blog: Round 1 1400 2703
Best Blog Post Series: Round 1 182 386
Best Blog Post: Round 1 499 559
Best Blog: Round 1 3073 3925
Best Blogosphere Citizen: Round 1 502 628
Best Business/Finance Blog: Round 1 140 124
Best conservative Blog: Round 1 281 297
Best Education Blog: Round 1 165 149
Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog: Round 1 558 475
Best Family Blog: Round 1 579 355
Best French-Language Blog: Round 1 139 109
Best GLBT Blog: Round 1 98 184
Best Group Blog: Round 1 282 389
Best Humour Blog: Round 1 797 911
Best Local Blog: Round 1 525 368
Best Media/Celebrity Blog: Round 1 997 1801
Best Military Blog: Round 1 229 226
Best New Blog: Round 1 615 683
Best Non-Partisan Blog: Round 1 207 234
Best Personal Blog: Round 1 1242 990
Best Photo/Art Blog: Round 1 530 837
Best Podcaster/Vlogger: Round 1 126 169
Best Political Blog: Round 1 669 561
Best progressive Blog: Round 1 404 499
Best Religious Blog: Round 1 99 150
Best Sci/Tech Blog: Round 1 156 218
Best Sports Blog: Round 1 919 1350

Totals: 15604 & 19543

I’m sure there will be some interesting analysis and conclusion drawn from these numbers, so please share it. Keep in mind that behind the numbers and blogs are people (with feelings), so let’s keep the comments constructive.

  1. No real comment but a heartfelt thankyou. I enjoyed the way you organized this with the slow roll out and the video clips. What I enjoyed most was being pointed in the direction of other blogs and discovering new voices. I also enjoyed the fact that several new readers have come to my blog and my audience has increased. So, job well done Saskboy and all.

  2. CalgaryGrit says:

    Yeah, kudos on a well run contest!

  3. saskboy says:

    Sorry for the delay on detailed stats, I won’t get to them tonight.

  4. I echo Dave’s and CalgaryGrit’s sentiments. A big thank you to Saskboy and the CBA team for an excellent job. I enjoyed the slow roll-out too. Looking forward to next year’s!

  5. saskboy says:

    You’re welcome everyone. Sorry I’ve been slow in getting detailed stats to a few who requested it, I will try in the next day to catch up.

  6. I can see from the vote totals and lack of general interest in Business blogs,why my attempts at monetizing my blog have been so bleak.

    Business had 124 votes spread between 7 blogs, If I had more friends it would have been a cinch to win, but with these totals even my friends didn’t vote. That people don’t care about their finances and future explains a lot about the state of the world finances, sub prime, massive personal, public debt, inflation, etc no one gives damn.

    I guess I should have blogged on knitting, sports or porn if I wanted to make ad money. MMMMM next year can you have a combined knitting, porn, celeb gossip and football catagory, I think I’m changing themes.

  7. saskboy says:

    CSB, how did the blog format change go? 😉

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