Best GLBT Blog of 2007

Posted: February 6, 2008 by John Klein in results
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As selected by Canadian Blog Award voters, here are the rankings for:

Best GLBT Blog

Presenting the award is Nina Arsenault.

1. Gay Persons of Color

CBA 1st lgbt

2. Slap Upside the Head

CBA 2nd lgbt

3. Screw Bronze!

CBA 3 lgbt

4. (tie) Montreal Simon
4. (tie) Queer-Liberal

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Fucking fantastic; I write a disability blog but since there is no catagory for disability and becuase I am a lesbian, I am in the LGBT section (well, better than military I guess). Now, I tell people NOT to vote for me, and I win third place. Title of the Blog: SCREW BRONZE. Was the message unclear? Anyway, I think this actually makes me the Canadian of the year; I won an award for a catagory I didn’t enter, was ironically told by a person from the RELIGIOUS section that I won the third queerest voice in the land when what frustrates me the most is that Canadians always go, “Oh, I got Bronze, that’s good enough” – but like a good Canadian, I smile, and dedicate this to the Queen. I guess this makes me Canadian through and through.

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