Best Sports Blog of 2007

Posted: February 5, 2008 by John Klein in results
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As selected by Canadian Blog Award voters, here are the rankings for:

Best Sports Blog

This video features the Raptors, Riders, Jays, and Leafs.

1. Pedersenmedia –

CBA 1st Sports

2. The Joy of Sox

CBA 2nd Sports

3. James Mirtle

CBA 3rd Sports

4. Hockey Capital

5. The Dinosty

  1. redsock says:


    Ack. Ah, well. Congrats to Rod and thanks to Sask for all his work.

  2. saskboy says:

    You’re welcome Redsock. I can’t take all the credit when things go well, I’m on a team so a kudos to them and all other participants as well.

    I’ve noticed that the bloggers who had a “Facebook group” to organize and recruit voters have done quite well so far this year in the Awards. Rod was one of these bloggers using Facebook to his advantage.

  3. redsock says:

    Friggin’ kids today and their facebooks.


  4. Dinosty says:

    Congrats to the winners. Was an honor for this little upstart just to be up there.

    Saskboy, I’d love to get my voting numbers for both rounds 1 and 2. Many people said they couldn’t vote for round 2, despite not yet voting. I find this strange.

  5. saskboy says:

    Hi Dinosty, I’ll get you the numbers probably on Saturday.
    Sorry to hear your voters had trouble in round 2. The most likely reason for that message would be voting from a network where it shares an IP address with another computer that has already voted in the same round. Many businesses and home networks are configured like that.

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