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Posted: February 3, 2008 by John Klein in results, voting
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It’s unavoidable in anything with competition and voting. The public wants to see the guts of the operation, as well as the results. The CBA Operators have been stingy with voting details both to add a little mystery to who has won, and to keep the focus on the bloggers instead of the numbers. It’s fair to say that any of the blogs that have made the top 5 in their category are among the best in the country (and perhaps the world). It doesn’t matter if you got 10, 200, or 2000 votes because the important thing is that your readers enjoy your blog enough to complete the complimentary task of casting an online ballot.

Below are some of the raw numbers for Round 1 voting. The total votes cast in each category are shown.

Best Military Blog: Round 1 229
Best Non-Partisan Blog: Round 1 207
Best Media/Celebrity Blog: Round 1 997
Best Activities Blog: Round 1 1400
Best Religious Blog: Round 1 99
Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog: Rnd. 1 558
Best Family Blog: Round 1 579

What the numbers mean is bound to be speculated upon. I’ve seen debate over poll results get a little nasty before, so if you have anything to say that is likely to insult bloggers participating in the voting, please take your comments elsewhere. Your constructive and thoughtful comments are welcome.

The blogs who had votes cast for them are welcome to learn what their own vote count was. Please email me (saskboy at my hotmail.com address) with your blog name, and expect a delay until at least Saturday. We won’t be releasing Round 2 vote results until every category’s winner has been announced, so please wait until Saturday before emailing your vote-total request.

CBA co-Operator

  1. saskboy says:

    People checking in for the Humour announcement need only wait another 8 minutes, the video is processing at YouTube.

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