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Posted: February 2, 2008 by John Klein in discussion, results
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Having seen how most other blog awards operate I (Saskboy) was hoping to avoid frustrating delays in updates and to release a schedule of new results. After realizing that people enjoy a schedule over surprise announcements, here’s a planned schedule of results. The CBA Operators will do their best to meet it and we hope we don’t surprise you with any delays. We may even announce some winners earlier than the times listed:

Best Activities Blog 8:00 PM CST
Best Family Blog 9:00 PM CST
Best Humour Blog 8:00 PM CST
Best Business/Finance Blog 9:00 PM CST

Best Local Blog 8:00 PM CST
Best Sports Blog 9:00 PM CST
Best French-Language Blog 10:00 PM CST

Wednesday Feb. 6th 2008:
Best progressive Blog 8:00 PM CST
Best conservative Blog 8:00 PM CST

9:00 – 10:00 PM CST
Best Blogosphere Citizen
Best Blog Post
Best Blog Post Series
Best Photo/Art Blog
Best Sci/Tech Blog
Best GLBT Blog
Best Podcaster/Vlogger
Best Education Blog
Best Personal Blog

Thursday Feb. 7, 2008:
Best Activist Blog 6:00 PM CST
Best New Blog 6:30 PM CST
Best Political Blog 7:00 PM CST
Best Group Blog 8:00 PM CST
Best Blog 8:30 PM CST


If you’ve prepared an “acceptance speech” video (or podcast) in the case that you’re a winning Finalist, let the CBAs know and we can include it in the announcement for your category. Remember to keep it under 30 seconds or we’ll play you off the stage with loud music 🙂

You can send us links to your acceptance speeches, and we’ll link back to them after Best Blog has been presented on Thursday.

Monday 4:20PM CST: Some of the times have been changed so we can shoot presentation videos. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  1. mpshiel says:

    What happened to Best Activist Blog?

  2. Mike says:

    And Best New Blog?

  3. Scott Tribe says:

    Heh.. should I volunteer to post the results? As I have time on my hands, and you folks don’t even have time to remember what categories you have 😉

  4. saskboy says:

    Oops, my copy and paste didn’t work so well 😉 I’ll have that fixed in a few minutes…
    THERE, all categories not announced are listed now. Sorry to the folks who were waiting for the missing ones, I’m glad you spoke up. I traced the problem to a bad copy/paste I made that overwrote the categories in question.

  5. balbulican says:

    By the way, I think its time again to note that you guys have kicked this award up to a whole new level of interest and validity. With that many changes of format, and this ambitious new presentation strategy, a few glitches were inevitable. But I still grin each time I come to the page at the whole new package. Great work all around. Look forward to the rest of the rollout.

  6. Dr. Steph says:

    I’m with balbulican–Great work! Thanks for doing this.

  7. Mike says:

    Yes, thanks, but will those first round tallies ever see day light? I’d hae to see all those votes wasted.

  8. redsock says:

    Yeah – Round 1!!!

    Also, are the total votes received in Round 2 going to be announced — or was that shared only with the bloggers in their categories? I forget what the decision was.

  9. redsock says:

    I also want to say that I LOVE the beaver logo!!!!

  10. saskboy says:

    Mike and Redsock, thanks for the reminder about Round 1 stats. The Ops have so far decided to only release the individual blogger’s detailed vote results of Round 1 voting to bloggers who request them by email. We will be releasing the total votes (Round 1) for each category, as the winners in Round 2 for each category are announced. I’m going to try to do that before bed 🙂

  11. raymi says:

    i would like my votes emailed to me please 🙂

  12. ac says:

    i would like my votes as well please!

  13. […] Canadian Blog Awards implemented a staggered release schedule for the announcements of winners (complete with videos!), so more are expected over the next few […]

  14. […] torture us all by releasing on certain winners/category results each day over the course of a week [BlogAwards]. I’ll find out about “Best Local Blog” tonight at 8:00pm CT but so far Raymi has […]

  15. saskboy says:

    Now I need a few hours to rest after all that posting, and then I can start to let Round 1 totals out, and Round 2 totals. Individual blogger’s results are available for now only on request by email, and only to the bloggers who earned the votes. They can optionally share the vote count with their readers.

  16. Ian says:

    I would love to see a best environmental blog. Hey, I write an environmental blog! What a coincidence!
    But seriously, love the awards, keep up the good work!!!

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