Round One Over

Posted: January 22, 2008 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

The Round One voting period is over.

Round Two begins Wednesday.

The list of finalists (in no particular order) can be found here.

  1. neath says:

    It would have been nice to see the results, maybe embarrassing, but it would have been nice.:P

  2. Northern BC Dipper says:

    The results will be released after the CBAs are over.

    The idea is to try to reduce influencing of the vote via numbers.

  3. neath says:

    Maybe, but it kind of actually goes against the spirit of blogging. We love stats! lol.

  4. “Round two begins Wednesday”

    Wednesday? Waaaa! I wanna vote NOW!


  5. saskboy says:

    Good news then, it’s Wednesday! 🙂

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