Round One Voting Opens for 2007 CBAs

Posted: January 14, 2008 by John Klein in voting
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The voting has begun. Please read this carefully: You can vote only once per category, per round. (Unlike previous years, you do not get one vote per day.) Choose carefully, and good luck to the competitors.

The results of Round One voting will be revealed a day or two after voting closes January 21st, 2008 11:59 PM PST. Final Round voting will start on Wednesday January 23rd.

Please vote for the best in each of the following categories…

  1. I take it we can’t see the numbers until it’s over?

  2. redsock says:

    I voted this morning. Just now, my partner went to vote in the same categories and got the “we already counted your vote” message.

    She has a direct connection and I am wireless. But we are two people and should be able to each cast a vote.

  3. saskboy says:

    You’re right GAB. And the poll pages have their orders randomized, so no one has an alphabetical advantage.

    To quickly find a blog you want to vote for in a long list, please use the CTRL+F key and type part of their blog name.

  4. saskboy says:

    Redsock, that’s an unfortunate consequence of the vote security we’ve opted to implement this year. I will discuss possible solutions this week with the award Operators, so please check back for news if we have a resolution.

  5. Mel says:

    What if a particular blog is listed twice in the same category?

  6. redsock says:

    She should be able to vote at work on the weekend, so as long as there is the one vote per round rule (which I like, by the way) it should be okay. Thanks!

  7. saskboy says:

    Mel, that would be a mistake, unless it’s the Best Post or Post Series category. Please email me at saskboy AT to report which one and we’ll fix it up.

    Redsock, that’s the best solution at this point.

  8. As long as you don’t use Diebold!

  9. I just informed someone that they were nominated, perhaps for next year an attempt to warn blog owners of their nominations would be nice.

    I know,
    extra work,

  10. saskboy says:

    Thanks for the PR help GAB.
    Yup, with additional human-power, we could manually contact every nominee to ensure they are aware of their status at the awards.

  11. Zorpheous says:

    I like the one vote rule, still it is possible for people to abuse the system, but it really cuts down on the shill and freeping. Freeping can still happen.

    To bad you can do an IP and registered account (aka email check) to validate the voting. That would really selp cut down on the freepers and shill voters to a minimum.

  12. […] one voting for the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards is now open! MamaTulip’s been nominated for Best Family Blog – head on over and vote for her […]

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