Nominations continue with category adjustments and date change

Posted: December 21, 2007 by John Klein in Uncategorized

Over the past week there has been an outcry from a blogging genre that was overlooked when the 2007 categories were selected by the CBA Operators. We blundered and mushed two categories together which didn’t adequately reflect the diversity in those separate blogging genres. To correct that, we’ve added the Best Activist Blog category to reflect blogs which lobby society and not just governments for social change. Restored with the added clarification of “& blogs devoted to gender and sexual equality” is the Best GLBT Blog category.

We thank everyone for their outpouring of interest in adding categories, and assure you that if your suggestion was not met this year, there is still the likelihood of it being added next year. Especially if you volunteer to help judge eligibility of participants in categories you are not nominated for.


Another notable update is that we’ve adjusted the time frame of eligibility to November 12, 2006, to reflect that not all Blogs and posts from that time last year were eligible for the 2006 CBAs.

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