Nominations Open

Posted: December 14, 2007 by D. Collier in Uncategorized

Today, we are proud to announce the opening of nominations for the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards.

One can nominate their favourite blogs within the “Nominate” section of this website.

-UPDATE: Best Education Blog has been added as a category.

Nominations are open until January 11th, 2008.

  1. Kind of disappointing not to see a category for education. Canada has an incredible number of educational bloggers.

  2. Yes, I second Dean’s comment.

  3. Alec Couros says:

    I strongly agree. This is a must-have category.

  4. dirk says:

    No promotion blog badges ?

  5. Northern BC Dipper says:

    Promotion blog badges should be coming soon.

    As for changing/adding categories, the administrators are having a little discussion on that.

  6. We would love to see the “best” education blog! How about it?

  7. winston says:

    Can I join too?

  8. saskboy says:

    Sure Winston, nominate your blog in appropriate categories if none of your readers do it for you.

  9. Jim Harris says:

    If there is going to be a “Best Conservative Blog” there should also be a “Best Green Blog,” a “Best Liberal Blog,” a “Best NDP Blog” and “Best Bloc Blog”

    A second suggestion: As the environment is the #1 issue for Canadians, what about a “Best Environment Blog”

  10. saskboy says:

    Hi Jim,
    We’ve made the political categories small-c conservative and small p-progressive to cover the left and right wings, with flexibility in whichever category the nominated blogger feels most comfy in. In the interest of not having a bazillion categories, we’ve limited the strictly political categories to just 4 of 27, and hope that political bloggers will find a home in one or more of the available options.

    Since we could easily end up with 15 political subcategories alone, we opted for general options. There’s thus room for a separate political blog awards if someone cares to run it. Several political blogrolls may choose to take up their own awards, for example.

    Best Environment blog is a possibility though. However, are there many you can think of that wouldn’t fit better as a political blog?

  11. Kuri says:

    I want to nominate a literary blogger, or a few possibly – would that be under “art/photo”? Seems odd there isn’t a category for fiction/poetry bloggers when there’s so many good ones.

  12. saskboy says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve made a slight modification to the wording of acceptable blogs for this category so they fit there:

    Fiction and poetry are a part of Canadian culture, and entertainment, so it seems like a good fit.

  13. dirk says:

    I gotta agree with Jim Harris,all though I would not got so far as him and add a category that basically covers every political blog roll.
    But if there is a “Conservative “category there has to be a “Liberal” category.Progressive is just to broad
    The politics of say Buck Bog or even myself for that matter is quit different than say Scottsdiatribe ,or Calgary Grit (both of who are indisputable Liberal)
    I believe along with “Conservative”,there should also be a “Liberal “category along with the “Progressive “.
    This would be much more representative of the Cnd political blog spectrum,and without adding a “bazillion categories”.This would ensure all blogs are covered
    Another example would be “Paulitics”- as compared to Calgary Grit or Cherniak .Again apples and oranges,one category just doesn’t cover it.It unfair to consider Cherniak or Paulitics as falling in the same category.When we all know they are very different animals.
    Conservative,Liberal and Progressive categories would be much more representative.
    Surely one more category is not asking to much.It is definitely not a bazillion,nor unreasonable

  14. saskboy says:

    We can continue to talk about this, but to this point I remain unconvinced. I think you’re both missing that it isn’t a “Conservative” category, it’s “conservative”. There’s a difference between Big Blue Wave, and The Prairie Wrangler, even though both are conservative.

    Remember, there are already 4 explicitly political categories, plus a gender issues/type category which some people consider political. 4/27 is already a pretty big fraction considering the variety of blogs in Canada.

  15. Scott Tribe says:

    I’m curious if we can pull up the archives of how Robert handled this.. as I recall he did have political subdivisions (Liberal/Liblogs, NDP/Blogging Dippers, etc)

    On the other hand, the counter argument to that is with such a tremendous amount of political range for what a “progressive” is or what a “conservative” is, and with membershi.p in the hundreds, some very good blogs could get overlooked.

    In my opinion, it might be a good idea to keep the “Best Progressive Blog”, and the best “conservative blog” for a general overall awards, and then add the “Best Liberal/Liblog Blog, The Best NDP/Blogging Dipper Blog, The Best Blogging Tory blog, The Best Green blog for specific blogging groups/ideologies

    Seriously guys.. you have a lot of categories now.. whats 4 more going to hurt? You want as wide a swath of the blogging world as you can get, right? I think you’ll get more participation this way.

  16. Scott Tribe says:

    Ugh.. Forgot to add in front of “ON the other hand” that I can see where your reasoning comes from, Saskboy, but…. (then my argument for the added political categories).

  17. Jim says:

    How about a category for “Best Blog Comment / Commenter”? A lot of what makes blogs successful are the comments adding to the debate.

  18. saskboy says:

    Scott, the Operators talked about what you have there, and the resulting categories is what we felt best. Thank you for your input now though. We can consider it for next time, if this year’s don’t seem to work well.

    And adding 4 more categories means a lot more work. Without adding people unrelated to the categories to judge them and manage them, it’s out of the question.


    Jim, I think we considered that too. It’s a bit harder to make work, and my intention anyway is to generate a way for people to find the best Canadian blogs. Few people want to find the best commenters on Canadian blogs. What’s the point? I don’t place much emphasis on the validity of online voting to determine the “best” of anything.

    The best “blog comment” could end up being nominated under the “Best Blog Post category” I’d reason, if it generated the best comment thread.

  19. Crabgrass says:

    Is there no category for best feminist blog?

  20. Chimera says:

    You have been asked repeatedly — and nicely — for a feminist blog category, and without any explanation regarding why not, you have refused. I left this comment over at CC’s:

    Saskboy, if you’re still reading this thread, let me add my extremely temperate voice to the rest: You dropped the ball.

    You can either put it back in play, or you can take it with you when you go home.

    If you go home, I’m going to withdraw all the nominations I made. I don’t need to be involved in a lopsided skeet shoot with feminists as the clay pigeons; and the people whose blogs I nominated don’t need it, either.

    “I think it would be nice if more people cared to have their blogs listed where Canadians can easily find them, and ignore the voting portion if that’s not their thing.”

    If you don’t think the voting is important — if the only purpose you can see for the CBA is publicity for Canadian blogs — why don’t you just create another goddamn blogroll and be done with it?

  21. saskboy says:

    Chimera, changes with an explanation are coming later today, I’ve been too busy to implement them.