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The Canadian blogosphere is vast and active… and a number of us have been working on a new project to help us connect and strengthen our community. It’s finally ready for us to play around with!

While the votes are underway, let’s all head over to the new Canadian Blogger Network. Think of it like our own private version of twitter for the Canadian Blogosphere, where we all can connect with one another and with our readers.

All old accounts and posts have been removed so If you helped me with beta testing, thanks, and, please sign up again.

Be one of the first to setup an account on the new network!


For this round, you can choose two blogs to vote for per section. The top 5 from each category will move on to the next round. For the categories that have under 5 entries, I’ve made it so that you can add a write-in.

Don’t just pick the only blog on the list that you read the most often. Take the time to look at all the blogs in a category, read a few posts, and make your decision carefully. Only the best should wear the crown(s).

Round 1 will end on October 17, 2010 at 12:00 noon.

The Polls are below. Please see the list below the polls to find the links to the actual blogs listed in the polls.

But First!

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Round 1:

Start voting now. One vote per person for this round, please.

Best Blog Overall 2010
Best Blog Post 2010
Best Chronic Illness Blog 2010
Best Collaborative/Multi-Author Blogs 2010
Best Creative Activities Blog (Art, Crafts, Cooking, Photography, etc)
Best Culture & Literature Blog 2010
Best Family Blog 2010
Best Food and Drink Blog 2010
Best French Language Blog 2010
Best GBLT Blog 2010
Best Health Blog 2010
Best Humour Blog 2010
Best Law Blog 2010
Best Music Blog 2010
Best New Blog 2010
Best Personal Blog 2010
Best Political Blog 2010
Best Popular Culture Blog 2010
Best Professional Life Blog 2010
Best Religion and Philosophy Blog 2010
Best Science and Technology Blog 2010
Poll: Best Sports Blog 2010

Here are the links to the actual blogs themselves:

Best Overall:
- Sync
- Don’t Bug Me!
- Dan Pederson’s Blog
- Loulou’s Views
- Julie Laurin
- Graceful Agony
- Mommy Moment
- Where did this all come from?
- MuskokaGirl
- Rolling Around in my Head
- Thoughts on Creativity
- The Equivocator
- Susan Delacourt on Politics
- Yummy Mummy Club
- XOXO Jes
- Listen to Lena!
- Allans’ Perspective
- Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu
- Diary of a Web Girl
- Talon . . . barely scratching the surface
- Mike’s Bloggity Blog
- Nag on the Lake
- Walking Turcot Yards
- Aagaard Farms The Vine
- The Review Crew
- FunnyFace Beauty
- Yarn Harlot
- Capital Mom
- Stay at Home Mayhem
- One More Gadget
- Country Living in a CaribouValley
- Homeless Man Speaks
- Unambiguously Ambidextrous
- Living with Autism: A Parent’s Perspective
- Sir Robert Bond Papers
- Praxis Theatre
- Blue Like You

Best Blog Post:
- Sync
- Sync
- Arcade Fire and the Maturation of Digital Media — Thoughts on Creativity
- The Equivocator: The Politicization of Canadian News
- XOXO Jes
- The Queer Behind the Mirror
- The Gormley Files
- Robyn Urback
- Transmopolis – Wild Reports (1)
- Transmopolis – Wild Reports (2)
- Calgary Grit
- Pundits’ Guide
- Praxis Theatre

Chronic Illness:
- Chronic Connection
- Graceful Agony

Collaborative/Multi-Author Blogs:
- North by East West
- Apartment 613
- Losing it in Ottawa
- Kids in the Capital
- In the Real World: Venus vs. Mars
- UrbanMoms
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada

Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities:
- After the Harvest
- Watawa life
- Shoot First
- Glutastic
- Baker’s Balance
- Yoppii
- It’s all yoga, baby
- indi girl
- Don
- toemail
- Aagaard Farms The Vine
- Food for Tot
- Living Laughing Breathing
- This Too Will Pass
- Walking With A Camera
- Bitstop
- Angella Dykstra Photography

Culture and Literature:
- The Most Exquisite Moments
- The Queer Behind the Mirror
- Word of Mouse Books
- Gender Focus
- Robyn Urback
- Go Nanaimo Blog
- Society Pages
- Shane Joseph’s Blog – Some of my Thoughts
- Kingdom Poets
- Dreams, Deliriums and Other Mind Talk
- VancouverMoose
- Brain Droppings
- Margaret Atwood: Year Of The Flood
- ATP Insider
- Praxis Theatre

- Dispatches from the Failed Mommies Club
- Loulou’s Views
- How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
- Nattering Nic
- Kids in the Capital
- Where did all this come from?
- Papertrails Family Book Blog
- Half Soled Boots
- Who’s Your Daddy
- Listen to Lena!
- Cheaper Than Therapy
- Cdcb’s Blog
- Why Mothers Eat Their Young
- Food for Tot
- My Life, My Glory
- Shasher’s Life
- Living with Autism: A Parent’s Perspective
- Calgary Daddy
- Mommy Moment
- Rants n’ Rascals

Food and Drink:
- After the Harvest

French Language (Francais):
- Blazing Cat Fur
- Vies de fous
- La Boite a Males

- Alfred Lives Here
- The Queer Behind the Mirror
- The Gay White North
- Gay Persons of Color
- Reflections on Majdanek
- Gay in the City
- Crooked Lunch
- Driving Fast on Loose Gravel
- Queer Two Cents

- Graceful Agony
- Dave Hingsburger

- Why My Hair Dont Grow No More
- How To Survive Life In The Suburbs
- Sex Drugs & CT Scans
- After the Harvest
- Food Court Lunch
- XOXO Jes
- Allan’s Perspective
- smorsels
- 1001 Things To Bug You On Your Deathbed
- My Road Trip To Awesome
- Rant and Roar

Law Blogs:
- Legal Frontiers
- Lawiscool
- Michael Geist’s Blog
- LawDiva

- Ear Buds and Ticket Stubs
- NxEW

New Blogs:
- Alfred Lives Here
- Graceful Agony
- Accustomed Chaos
- Daily fromage
- Kickasstacular
- Fridaysoff
- Meet My Ugly Baby
- Jumbled Nous
- Criticize This!
- Canadian Blogger Girl
- Devoted To The Lamb
- Heart Felt Devotionals
- FunnyFace Beauty
- Filthy E-Mails (NSFW)
- A Penny Saved
- cats and cake
- Mommy Moment

- Schmutzie
- Sex in the Summer
- Shane Alexander
- A Canadian in Norway
- A whole lot of soles
- Abigail’s Road to Nowhere
- Attack of the Redneck Mommy
- Bad Tempered Zombie
- Better Now
- Bloob
- BORED Mommy
- canadianmothermusings
- Zeeshan Hamid’s Urban Village Blog
- Unemployed and Changing My Life
- Dutch Blitz
- Adorkable Thespian
- Graceful Agony
- Under Grace and Over Coffee
- Daily Fromage
- Sweet Salty
- Hope Bomb
- Rolling Around In My Head
- Cheaper Than Therapy
- Allan’s Perspective
- Meg in the city
- Grande Skinny Latte
- Little Juan on the Prairie
- The Middle Ages
- Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
- Gail Bowen’s Blog
- Relections from the Shaman’s Hut
- Life at Golden Grain Farm
- Lectio
- The Toronto Pet Daily
- Meanderings and Reflections
- gin and tonic
- The Other Side of Sixty
- Rants n’ Rascals

- Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
- Dawg’s Blawg
- Little Miss Brightside
- Impolitical
- The Equivocator
- Five Feet of Fury
- Blazing Cat Fur
- Pop The Stack
- Eye on a Crazy Planet
- Calgary Politics
- Pundits’ Guide to Canadian Federal Elections
- Pulpit and Politics
- People, Places, Issues
- The Enlightened Savage
- CalgaryRants
- Sir Robert Bond Papers
- Immigrant Children

Popular Culture:
- Nag on the Lake
- Toren Veda: the blog for humans
- Haute Halifax
- Criticize This!
- La Carmina
- Fanta.Sci Nation
- Mike’s Bloggity Blog
- ViewPoint 2010
- XOXO Jes

Professional Life:
- Hard Court Leadership Lessons
- MediaStyle
- Carbon49
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
- The Rurban Fringe
- Darker Ways Blues Tour
- Daniel MacIvor’s Notebook
- PCT in ACTion
- Swag2.0 – Rightsleeve Marketing

Religion and Philosophy:
- Canadian Atheist
- Dan Pedersen’s Blog
- I am Unique!
- This Side of Sunday
- Awakening Christianity
- whatever he says
- Kingdom Poets
- Gentle Recovery
- Holy Experience
- Religious Right Alert
- Sad Catholic 101

Science and Technology:
- Sync
- One More Gadget
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
- The Review Crew
- Climate Audit
- OLDaily

- The Cheap Seats
- The NBA Breakdown
- Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer
- Rider Prophet


Jonathan Kleiman (@TOBusinessLaw)

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Round 1 and 2 general totals

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We’ll be putting the list of all nominated blogs back up (eventually). In the mean time here are Round 1 and Round 2 voting totals. Specific totals can be requested only by the blog that earned the votes.

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