Nominations for Canada’s Best Blogs 2010, so far

Posted: September 30, 2010 by jkleiman in discussion

Here are the nominations so far for the 2010 Canadian Blog Awards. Take a look at the list, and nominate the blogs that are missing. If somehow you nominated a blog and it’s not here, re-nominate it.

Here’s your badge:

Canadian Blog Award Nominee

The nominations end on October 9th so please be sure to remind your readers to nominate quality blogs that have not already been nominated. (If it’s already on the list, don’t bother re-nominating it)

If something is miscategorized, or if a link is broken or spam or repeated, tell me on Twitter @TOBusinessLaw

Best Overall:
- Sync
- Dan Pederson’s Blog
- Loulou’s Views
- Julie Laurin
- Graceful Agony
- Mommy Moment
- Where did this all come from?
- MuskokaGirl
- Rolling Around in my Head
- Thoughts on Creativity
- The Equivocator
- Susan Delacourt on Politics
- Yummy Mummy Club
- XOXO Jes
- Listen to Lena!
- Allans’ Perspective
- Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu
- Diary of a Web Girl
- Talon . . . barely scratching the surface
- Mike’s Bloggity Blog
- Nag on the Lake
- Walking Turcot Yards

Best Blog Post:
- Sync
- Sync
- Arcade Fire and the Maturation of Digital Media — Thoughts on Creativity
- The Equivocator: The Politicization of Canadian News
- XOXO Jes
- The Queer Behind the Mirror
- The Gormley Files
- Robyn Urback

Chronic Illness:
- Chronic Connection
- Graceful Agony

Collaborative/Multi-Author Blogs:
- North by East West
- Apartment 613
- Losing it in Ottawa
- Kids in the Capital
- In the Real World: Venus vs. Mars
- UrbanMoms
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada

Art, Crafts, Cooking and Other Creative Activities:
- After the Harvest
- Watawa life
- Shoot First
- Glutastic
- Baker’s Balance
- Yoppii
- It’s all yoga, baby
- indi girl
- Don
- toemail

Culture and Literature:
- The Most Exquisite Moments
- The Queer Behind the Mirror
- Word of Mouse Books
- Gender Focus
- Robyn Urback
- Go Nanaimo Blog
- Society Pages

- Dispatches from the Failed Mommies Club
- Loulou’s Views
- How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
- Nattering Nic
- Kids in the Capital
- Where did all this come from?
- Papertrails Family Book Blog
- Half Soled Boots
- Who’s Your Daddy
- Listen to Lena!
- Cheaper Than Therapy
- Cdcb’s Blog
- Why Mothers Eat Their Young

Food and Drink:
- After the Harvest
- Immigrant Children
- Rants n’ Rascals

French Language (Francais):
- Blazing Cat Fur
- Vies de fous

- Alfred Lives Here
- The Queer Behind the Mirror

- Graceful Agony

- Why My Hair Dont Grow No More
- How To Survive Life In The Suburbs
- Sex Drugs & CT Scans
- After the Harvest
- Food Court Lunch
- XOXO Jes
- Allan’s Perspective
- smorsels

Law Blogs:
- Legal Frontiers
- Lawiscool

- Ear Buds and Ticket Stubs
- NxEW

New Blogs:
- Alfred Lives Here
- Graceful Agony
- Accustomed Chaos
- Daily fromage
- Kickasstacular
- Fridaysoff
- Meet My Ugly Baby
- Jumbled Nous
- Criticize This!

- Schmutzie
- Sex in the Summer
- Shane Alexander
- A Canadian in Norway
- A whole lot of soles
- Abigail’s Road to Nowhere
- Attack of the Redneck Mommy
- Bad Tempered Zombie
- Better Now
- Bloob
- BORED Mommy
- canadianmothermusings
- Zeeshan Hamid’s Urban Village Blog
- Unemployed and Changing My Life
- Dutch Blitz
- Adorkable Thespian
- Graceful Agony
- Under Grace and Over Coffee
- Daily Fromage
- Sweet Salty
- Hope Bomb
- Rolling Around In My Head
- Cheaper Than Therapy
- Allan’s Perspective
- Meg in the city
- Grande Skinny Latte
- Little Juan on the Prairie
- The Middle Ages
- Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
- Gail Bowen’s Blog
- Reflections from the Shaman’s Hut

- Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
- Dawg’s Blawg
- Little Miss Brightside
- Impolitical
- The Equivocator
- Five Feet of Fury
- Blazing Cat Fur
- Pop The Stack
- Eye on a Crazy Planet

Popular Culture:
- Nag on the Lake
- Toren Veda: the blog for humans
- Haute Halifax
- Criticize This!
- La Carmina
- Fanta.Sci Nation
- Rantings of a Fashion Addict
- Mike’s Bloggity Blog

Professional Life:
- Hard Court Leadership Lessons
- MediaStyle
- Carbon49
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
- The Rurban Fringe
- Darker Ways Blues Tour
- Daniel MacIvor’s Notebook

Religion and Philosophy:
- Canadian Atheist
- Dan Pedersen’s Blog
- I am Unique!
- This Side of Sunday
- Awakening Christianity
- whatever he says

Science and Technology:
- Sync
- One More Gadget
- MaRS Blog – Innovation and Commercialization in Canada
- The Review Crew

- The Cheap Seats
- The NBA Breakdown
- Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer
- Rider Prophet


Jonathan Kleiman

(thanks again to the Toronto Lawyers PLZ for affording me the time to do this)

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  1. [...] site (Canadian Atheist) has been nominated for a 2010 Canadian Blog Award under the “Religion and Philosophy” category! We’re the only non-Christian blog in the [...]

  2. [...] you haven’t worked out why I am displeased yet, well it seems that no one nominated me for a Canadian Blog Award. I guess my Auntie was right all along – “Ask and you don’t [...]

  3. sorry, can’t twitter, don’t know what it is, don’t know how to do it, don’t want to learn … whatever he says is miscategorized in science when it should be in religion, I probably made that mistake when I nominated it. I’ve renominated it in the right category, could you take it out of science please? Thanks

  4. Alicia Gilby says:

    If you have been nominated, what next? How are the finalists picked?

  5. Hello there–Thank you Dave for the honour of nominating Whatever He Says. Another reader also nominated us–a double honour. We are still in Science though! Yikes, we are far from scientific. :) I will check back tomorrow.

  6. Hi Jonathan, I tried to send you a message on Twitter about being “misdiagnosed” as a scientist, but you can only send a direct message to someone who follows you.

  7. alicia Gilby says:

    how many nominations does it take to get on the list. i dont see the blog i nominated.

  8. Can we get an updated list please? Several people have told me that they nominated my blog, but it is not on the list. Thanks.

  9. [...] for nominating me everyone! fridaysoff is on the list as a nominee for best new blog [...]

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